AtSource is a comprehensive sustainable sourcing solution for agricultural raw materials and food ingredients.

From field to factory gate, AtSource helps customers shape real change on the ground and meet multiple social and environmental targets thereby increasing resilience in supply chains. By connecting customers directly to the source of supply at each stage of the product’s journey, traceability is guaranteed.

Our offer builds across 3 tiers with progressively enhanced levels of impact, verification, insight and information, culminating in transformational change.

A digital dashboard provides instant access to rich data, advanced foot-printing and granular traceability. Highly targeted interventions can then improve economic, social and environmental factors.

* Excludes exchange traded volumes

Embedded within AtSource is our ambitious global goal to have 100% of all product and ingredients ‘AtSource ready’ by 2025*.



There is an inescapable imperative for those working in the agricultural system to overcome the multitude of serious challenges and become the solution to feeding, clothing and sheltering a growing population.

This is why it’s time to Re-imagine Global Agriculture. This is ofi’s company purpose which we will carry out within our ethos of Growing Responsibly and in collaboration with our customers and other partners.

Atsource is core to our success. For further information, please read the announcement and visit the AtSource website.