Reimagining Global Agriculture: Growing Responsibly

At ofi Turkey, we have put sustainability at the heart of our business, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because there are clear business benefits.

This will ensure that sustainability is never just a ‘nice to have’:

We need to:

  • Increase agricultural production for a growing population without over extending the earth’s capacity to provide
  • Satisfy increasing demand from customers and consumers who want to know the food and fibre they buy is ethically sourced
  • Ensure farmers and rural communities see farming and related activities as a viable  livelihood, particularly younger generations
  • Reduce risks to our business, such as climate change and water scarcity
  • Inspire our employees by giving additional meaning to their work.

We are driven by our ambitious corporate Purpose to Re-imagine Global Agriculture within our ethos of Growing Responsibly.  We aim to achieve 3 outcomes:

Refah İçinde Yaşayan Üreticiler

Prosperous Farmers and Farming Systems

Re-thinking how people and companies are financially rewarded to make the agricultural sector attractive and viable.

Gelişen Toplumlar


Revitalising communities who depend on agricultural systems so that people live well.

Doğayı Yeniden Üretiyoruz

Re-generation of The Living World

Soils and water to create landscapes where industrial agriculture, smallholders and other rural commerce co-exist with nature.

Conducting our business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner has been part of ofi’s ongoing strategy for many years.

However, it is important for our stakeholders to understand that Growing Responsibly is not just a sustainability initiative. Rather it is embedded within ofi’s overall business framework. It describes how we do our business every day and therefore all business units, geographies and functions are accountable for living this ethos.

Growing Responsibly seeks to ensure that profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. As can be seen from the three supporting pillars, Growing Responsibly doesn’t just mean protecting the environment and supporting farmers and communities. By including Commercial factors, such as having a sound business model with strong risk management and governance, we protect our investors, shareholders and employees, which in turn means we have a resilient and sustainable business for our farmers, suppliers and customers.

Our sustainability strategy is therefore implemented under the framework of Growing Responsibly, primarily focusing on the Social and Environmental pillars.


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